Stephanie from Cameroon
What special opportunities or experiences did you enjoy so far as part of the bachelor program?
I’ll always remember my experience at the 30th International Supply Chain Conference which I attended together with other classmates. It was 3 days of networking and first hand exposure to award-winning, ground-breaking logistics concepts and tools. I would never have gotten to attend the conference (free of charge) if it was not for my being a Logistics student at Jacobs.

How do you think your internship experience will help you in the future?
My internship has been eye-opening. Now I have a feel for what I would like to work in/pursue a Masters degree in. In addition, I have gained hard-skills, soft-skills, contacts and so much more.

Do you see your future differently than before coming to Jacobs?
Before coming to Jacobs my view into the future was limited to the 3 years towards my Bachelors degree. Now, as I am in the last months of my undergraduate studies, I can say without doubt that the future is bright for my classmates and myself. With our knowledge, which is needed world-wide and industry-wide, and our cultural diversity and openness, the opportunities are limitless.