SAP Lab (Triangle)

Distribution as well as application of standard business software continually increases demanding fundamental knowledge in handling and operating these software. Especially SAP standard software like SAP ERP for supporting and optimizing complex business processes is applied not only in big enterprises but also in small and medium-sized companies all over the globe. Accordingly, more and more firms expect students to have first experiences in SAP tools when they leave university. Current application requirements underline this trend.

The course SAP Lab offers students the opportunity to gain and apply first knowledge in the SAP ERP 6.0 software. In the course, the SAP ERP system will be introduced including basic terms of the system like organizational units, master data, transaction data, and documents. Afterwards, students will be trained in using and handling the SAP ERP system. This comprises an overview about the graphical user interface, system functionality, navigation etc. Additionally, students will work with different modules and execute tasks like entering master data, booking business transactions, or approve and release orders. In a nutshell, this course provides a basic and general overview and understanding of the SAP ERP 6.0 software suite and thus increases the attractiveness of students towards the relevant industries.
The course will be conducted as a workshop based on specific course materials in form of slides, case studies, and accompanying literature.