Qualitative Research (Thesis)

Officially: Qualitative Research: Methods and Design

Qualitative researchers explore the structure of everyday life and the meaning that events, other persons and their actions hold for us. To do so, they take an in-depth look at a few selected cases, such as organizations, campaigns, or people. The focus of this course is on the different ways and methods of doing this and of collecting data, for example semi-structured and narrative interviews, focus groups, observation, working with documents and with visuals. Ways of purposefully selecting participants and materials will also be discussed, as well as some of the frameworks and approaches underlying these methods, for example grounded theory methodology or ethnography. The course is complemented by ‘Qualitative Research: Analysis of Text and Images’ where the focus is on methods for analysing qualitative data.
The course is held in part as a seminar and in part as a lab where students apply the methods to data from their own fields of study. During the lab sessions, students are required to participate in and report on activities involving the application and trying out of selected methods.