5 Reasons

…to study IEM:

1. High-quality Teaching and Excellent Supervision
For Jacobs University, highest standards in teaching mean strong professor-student interaction, and challenging curricula. Through our excellent IEM faculty with great research exposure teaches students about current trends in industrial engineering and management with a transdisciplinary approach. Smaller class sizes, tutorials and feedback sessions allow effective learning and ensure understanding of theoretical concepts learnt in class. During their studies, students also receive individual academic support and career advising.
2. Lecturers from renowned industrial companies
The IEM program incorporates a number of courses taught by lecturers from renowned German cooperations such as Porsche, Daimler, and 4flow. In their courses, lecturers teach theoretical concepts coupled with practical applications and examples from the industry sector they are working in. Thus, students get to learn about best practices of different industries directly from the experts.
3. Practical experience through internship project
All students are encouraged to spend their fifth semester doing an internship lasting between four to six months, which enables them to acquire valuable practical experience and is thus an essential part of the Industrial Engineering program. We have established close connections with numerous companies and organizations in Germany. Our students also go on international internships all over Europe, Australia, China, Chile, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, USA, or elsewhere.
4. Hands on Learning
The Jacobs classes provide hands-on learning through interactive business games, case studies and creative group work. Another advantageous quality is the close cooperation with industries in the Bremen area and beyond. A great amount of real-world projects with companies, field trips, guest lectures and events on campus offer students the opportunities not only to gain the insights into industrial processes and to understand the theory learnt in class on a practical case scenario, but also to establish first industry contacts. In addition, the Jacobs international campus is the perfect environment for the IEM program as our students are exposed to an intercultural setting that prepares them for a career in global industrial corporations.
5. Involvement in Research and Industrial Projects
Within the IEM study program, students have the opportunity to be actively involved in industrial and research projects of the faculty. The IEM Jacobs faculty has performed diverse consulting projects with number of renowned industrial companies. Moreover, the IEM Jacobs research activities are focused on specific fields of industrial engineering, aiming at optimizing production systems in an increasingly globalized market.