Ivana Mateska from Macedonia
Class of 2010
PhD at ETH Zurich

What is your current occupation and research field?
After graduating from Jacobs University Bremen, I pursued a Masters degree in Technology Policy at the University of Cambridge. Then I joined the policy making world, working for the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs in the Republic of Macedonia, and I was involved in several NGO projects. I am now doing a PhD at the Chair of Logistics Management in the Department for Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich.How well did the Jacobs program prepare you for your current position?
Today’s dynamic job market requires multidisciplinary individuals, being experts in specific field and yet possessing both technical expertise and soft skills. I am really happy I joined the Industrial Engineering and Management program at Jacobs (former: International Logistics Engineering and Management) because it equipped me with both, knowledge in management and economics, as well as engineering skills and applications.

Which skills developed in Jacobs are the most relevant and helpful in your current occupation?
At Jacobs I strongly developed my research and analytical capabilities, which are an essential asset for the academic world, but also in industry and consulting. They were a valuable strength during my work with the government of my home country, and are of an outmost importance for my current PhD research.