Fundamentals Of Engineering Design

This course provides students with an overview of the technically-oriented methodical advancement of the engineering field. The focus will not only be on the purely theoretical transfer of knowledge, but theory will be presented in the context of practical examples and exercises with the purpose of highlighting the interaction between knowledge, creativity and experience. The acquired concepts are put into practice within the framework of a “Product Development”: From the clarification of requirements, through the development of the product, to the manufacturing with a 3D Printer. The course has three main focal points covered in three sections, the first being the methodical product development. This section will convey exemplary methods that will aid the goal-oriented development of a technical product. The second section will present the possibilities that modern CAx systems are offering as well as the potential of a thorough process chain within product creation. The third section will focus on the various aspects of the construction procedure. The course will entail a teamwork project, within which a simple product will be developed based on the given requirements and restrictions, and further constructed using an open-source CAD system.