Most international students studying in Germany are required to be in possession of a valid student visa. You can apply for that document after you’ve received the admissions’ letter. You do so at the German embassy or consulate in your home country. Please contact them regarding the requested documents and how long it will take them to provide you with a visa.

Please check the webpage of the Registrar’s Office to check if your nationality needs a visa to enter and study in Germany. You can also find on the webpage other helpful information about the visa application process: http://www.jacobs-university.de/registrar/admitted/visa.

All students in Germany are required by law to have a health insurance and to provide a proof of their health insurance to the university.
Go to the webpage of the Registrar’s Office for important information on health insurance: http://www.jacobs-university.de/registrar/admitted/health

Students can do Teaching Assistant (TA) or Student Assistant (SA) jobs within the International Logistics faculty or in other departments of Jacobs University. Ideally, students can only apply for the jobs after arrival and assumption of studies.

Jacobs University is a highly diverse and multicultural university with students from over 100 countries in the world. This contributes to a unique social, academic and professional experience for everyone who is a part of our community.

Students organize cultural and religious events from their home countries such as the Chinese New Year, Eid, Indian Festival of Lights (Diwali), etc. Also, through Country Information Days (CIDs), students present special information, cuisine, dances, and other cultures of their home countries. Jacobs University indeed has a rich cultural experience which every student enjoys and benefits from.

This gives Jacobs University graduates a significant edge over graduates of other university in terms of internationality and multiculturalism.

Students, faculty, and other staff of the university have the possibility to obtain food, snacks and beverages at the serveries of the colleges, the Frisör which is located close to the main entrance of the university, and the Coffee Bar which is located in the Information Resource Center (IRC).

IEM students can join the Logistics Chain Club which regularly organizes competitions, excursions or projects related to the logistics industry. For more information, visit their webpage: http://www.logistics-chain.de.

Furthermore, in Jacobs University, the Campus Life department is responsible for various activities in which the students can participate in – from a variety of sporting activities to music, dance, theater, writing and many others.

The social life in Bremen is also very active. Particularly sporty students compete in different sports leagues with teams in Bremen. The famous River Weser and the historic city center are also cool hangout attractions. There are also cinemas, museums and parks in Bremen. Nightlife in Bremen is very enjoyable because of the numerous and varying bars and night clubs.

For further experiences, students can go to famous German touristic cities; for example by train Hamburg and Hannover are only one hour away and the lovely city of Berlin is about three hours away by train.

Every student of Jacobs University can participate in the Host Family Program. The Host Family Program was established to match students with German families who will help the student to settle into the new life in Bremen. The Host Family can be a couple with or without children, a single mother or father, or even an older couple. It is a perfect opportunity for students to have a more direct contact with the German culture and society.

For more information, go to: http://www.jacobs-university.de/host-family-program

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen presents an ideal location for students of the IEM program. Students can benefit for the rich socio-cultural heritage and international diversity of the city. Also, Bremen is a center of science, technology, aerospace, car and electronics locations.

As an important port city and logistics hub, the IEM study program has been designed to have strong academic and industrial connection with the city of Bremen. The common brand VIA BREMEN to which the IEM program is closely related represents one of the world’s more efficient port and logistics solutions http://www.via-bremen.com/