and Innovation II

Innovation is THE source of sustainable competitive advantage for firms around the world. However, building an organization to successfully and repeatedly bring innovations to market is a daunting managerial challenge.

This course will focus on the practices and processes that managers use to manage innovation effectively. Over two semesters several aspects will be examined of innovation: e.g. exploring, executing, leveraging and renewing innovation.

The focus will be on entrepreneurial firms. The course is designed to provide a deep grounding in the field of innovation for managers and entrepreneurs whose goal is to play a leading role in innovation-driven firms. The material moves between strategic issues (what should you do?) and organizational and managerial issues (how should you get it done?).

The focus of the course is on exemplifying and experiencing the innovation process and implementation. Students have to develop business ideas and business plans. They will also be trained to present their business ideas in a pitch.