Dr. Elke Wietoska


Dr. Elke Wietoska
Law in Logistics

Dr. Elke Wietoska
lawyer, specializing in Transport Law

Areas of Practice:
Maritime and Transport Law, Insurance Law, Commercial Law

Functions and Memberships:
ARGE Transport Law of the DAV, Insurance Law of the DAV

Education and professional experience:
Apprenticeship as a qualified shipping merchant
joined Socopao SA, Abidjan, Ivory Coast and the West African P and I Services Ltd., London
In 1988 studied in Saarbrücken and Freiburg
1993 First State Examination
1996 Second State Examination
Lecturer at the University of Bremen including in the courses International Shipping & Chartering, Nautical Science, and in the English program IMBA International Master of Business Administration
Admission to the legal profession in Bremen in 1996
promotion in 2003

Foreign languages: English and French